Event video / Trade show video for your Company

After the event
is before the event

After the event
is before the event

Trade show video / Event video

for events and fairs

The highlights of your event or your trade fair appearance, briefly and excitingly summarized in an event film. We create entertaining eye-catchers that attract a lot of attention, especially in social media.

Trade show video / Event video

The best of
your event

Mood pictures, sound bites and emotions that accompany your event. With great flair, we capture the very special moments of your event with the camera. From trade fair appearances to open days, from sports competitions to cultural events: a professional event film keeps memorable memories alive and creates enthusiasm – among those who were there and those who would have liked to have been there.

Trade show film / Event film

After the event is before the event

Our professional event films are not only a valuable review of your successful event. They also arouse curiosity and thus interest: Hardly anything is clicked on as readily as a review of an event. This makes event videos the best advertising for your company and they can be used perfectly as a marketing tool. Both in retrospect for image building as well as for advertising and previewing your next event.

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