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The human eye loves moving images.

Trust our expertise in creating unique videos.

WM Technics

Recruiting video

WM Autopilot

Product video

Sonja & Felix

Wedding video

Katja & Klaus

Wedding video

Andrea & Alex

Wedding video

Wedding video

Moving moments.

To be at the right place at the right time and as inconspicuous as possible, that’s what matters. We can say for ourselves that with our attention to detail and our passion in editing wedding videos, we can offer you a distinctive style and make your wedding video unique.

Advertising/image film

Precious moments.

Our video productions are aimed at companies, associations and hotels that want to present their product or their affair of the heart in a unique light. Convincing content and high image quality promise great appeal to customers and guests.

Benno Rottonara

Wedding videographer, videographer, filmmaker. For several years I have been allowed to put companies and people in the right light, breathe life into content and stories and create videos that give you goosebumps. 

Contact me! Together we will bring your company on the road to success!

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